theatre vs. reality.

Okay so I’ve spent a lot (read: way too much) time talking about TV and how it makes so much sense and it’s great and stuff. Somehow, it’s not even my first choice. Not even close.  My love for theatre is so beyond* any feelings I have for any other craft/artform/entertainment/hobby/career/lifestyle.  In junior high my friend dubbed me a “theatre stalker” because I follow it wherever it goes. I’m seriously in love.

Theatre is more real than anything else. It’s more real than the lives we live. In our everyday lives, we’re forced to conform and filter. On stage, it’s all out there. All the humanity we’ve shackled up in the name of fitting in is suddenly out in front of friends, family, and strangers.

“Now wait a second,” you’re saying, “tv and film do that too.” To which I say, “ehhhh kind of.” With prerecorded performance, you’re putting a barrier between you and your audience of distance and time. Instead of watching real people live right in front of you, you’re watching edited and spliced snippets of people who weren’t trying to connect with the other people in the room.  They were acting for the camera, maybe in front of a green screen. With theatre, you can believe your own eyes for two-three hours.

Anyway the point is that we can’t be who exactly who we are 99% of our life.  Fear always gets in the way. Luckily, we have theatre, where anything less than the truth is booed off the stage. If only we could boo insecurity off the earth.

*When I started to type “beyond”, my fingers instantly typed “beyonce”. I’ve never been so proud of a typo.

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