stupid things people try to tell me.

Some things are really not worth saying out loud, people. They’re not interesting or original.

-How hot someone I’ve never met and probably will never meet is. Such as your RA or a guy you saw on a bus once.

-Bands I’ve never heard of. Just send them to me on Facebook or Spotify. I’ll give them a listen.

-How great your high school was. I don’t care how nice your teachers were or about your perfect attendance award.

-Your genealogy. If you’re not related to a celebrity, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care if you’re an eighth Finnish.

-Stories about a time you were funny. I promise, you had to be there.

-Unanswered fan letters you’ve sent

-How funny Mean Girls is. WE KNOW.

-How bad loud music/dark soda/watching too much TV is for me. You’re not telling me anything new.

-An animal you saw once.

-How comfortable sweatpants are. No one disagrees with you.

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