career goals.

Starting around your junior year of high school, everyone wants to know what you want to do with the rest of your life. You’re still trying to figure out how to take notes on blank pieces of paper, which way to part your hair, and if you’re too old to have a birthday party. But everyone asks what the next two thirds of your life are going to be like.

Well here’s my current answer:

There’s this place in the top corner of the United America where people sing and other people clap and give them money. This place is called Broadway. These singing people are called Stars. As previously discussed, I am annoyed by all the love being a Star gets you from inferior people, so I quit that life. I need to be loved by the Stars themselves. It’s an efficient way to get millions of people to love you through the transitive property. If you’re loved by the people everyone loves, you’re the most loved of all the loved who are loved so you’re pretty dang loved. Just saying.

I’m 4 years out from my junior year of high school.  So my answer is pretty solidified. I’m getting my degree. I’m interning. I’m super beloved by all the celebrities I’ve ever met (besides Bebe Neuwirth).

So yeah, I’m maybe two years away from my career goal.

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