it’s now or never.

Today’s a huge day. Today is the test of what I’m made of.  It’s do or die. And I don’t even know how I’m feeling about it. I’m too in the zone for feelings.

I’ve been listening to the upbeat, pulsing songs of Celtic Woman in the calm moments. When it’s time to get pumped, it’s all about Now or Never from HSM3. Don’t hate- it’s perfect.

Technical rehearsals have always gone well for me. There’s something about them that’s incredibly natural to me. But I’ve never had a tech as an assistant stage manager. Giving AND taking direction is going to be strange. Luckily, our lead stage manager has an incredibly calming presence. I’m not too worried about the stress. I’m just worried about measuring up.

Yesterday, I got to chat with my hero Colleen Ballinger (the genius behind Miranda). She asked for phone numbers on Twitter and actually texted me! We talked for about half an hour about techs, the TV show Friends, and the various types of unclassifiable illnesses. I made her laugh! I MADE MIRANDA SINGS LAUGH. Dreams come true, guys. I happy cried.

If flippin’ Colleen can like me enough to want to talk to me later, anything is possible. We’re gonna nail this tech today.

May the confidence of Miranda be with me.

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