what i’m into (abril’13.)

Hello everyone! Sorry about the 2.5 week hiatus but I had to close Normal Heart then remember how to live life without rehearsal. During this time, I checked the combined analytics for my blog and YouTube. I now have had hits from


I don’t know what you’re all doing here, but I am incredibly grateful and astounded and excited. Thanks for playing along with me.

Without further ado, let’s get going! This blog post format is lovingly ripped off from my friend Antonia, whose blog can be found here. She’s witty and intelligent and you should go read her stuff.

Here’s what I’m into for the month of April 2013.


I’m incredibly influenced by everyone. My speech patterns. My word choices. My gesticulations. I just can’t listen to someone speak without being affected. I’m slowly becoming a Frankenstein creation of these women.

Grace Helbig

Colleen Ballinger

Maya Rudolph/Kristen Wiig
CLICK IT. I promise if you don’t laugh when you hear how she says “Chickenman”, I will personally make you laugh. It’s a laugh-back guarantee.


  • The Way by Ariana Grande. It was briefly the number one song on iTunes and all around just the best pop song I’ve heard since Beyonce’s hiatus began.
  • Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj. I know, it’s shameful. But just those three words (sounds?) were featured over and over in Grace’s video and I found the whole song and I just haven’t been able to stop.
  • On Broadway by Jennifer Hudson and Katherine McPhee. It’s so smooth and JHud just can’t do anything average.
  • Sara Bareilles’s upcoming album has just been mastered! Squee!!

offline reads:

  • Shakespeare in Hollywood by Ken Ludwig. It’s the most cleverly written Shakespeare-centric comedy I”ve read in recent memory.
  • Durang/Durang by Christopher Durang. I guess I just really like intelligent comedy.

…guys, I swear I’m literate. I love reading. I just haven’t had time when I was alone and not busy or sleepy. I definitely want to read more in the future. It used to be my only pastime but it’s kind of slipped through the cracks.


  • The Great and Powerful Oz is the most comfortable movie you will ever see.  Sitting there after a long rehearsal of professionalism and quiet, I ripped that movie a new one. I predicted lines, plot points, twists, and jokes just from my internal database of pop culture. It was so easy to watch because I spent most of the movie predicting things then saying I told you so. The poor girl next to me got the DVD commentary live and in person.
  • I’ve started hate-watching Glee again and it’s just hurting my feelings. I haven’t liked it since Season 2 Episode 2 so I really just need to stop. But I can’t. I need to know how they’re going to make it worse because I just don’t see how they possibly can. They’re doing a great job of surprising me with new ways of sucking.
  • This website announced a FRIENDS reunion today, which at first excited me, then horrified me. Luckily, it’s not true at all. I hate that our fanbase was messed with but I’m very glad that we’re not going to see Ross & Rachel/Monica & Chandler’s preteens. I couldn’t handle that.

I have a ton more movies and TV to catch up on! I promise I’ll be more fun to talk to on that front by the end of May.


  • Now that I’ve surrendered to living in the deep recesses of the internet, I’m starting to make friends IRL. That’s fame, for ya.
  • Can we all just stop for a second and give Dina Monk a standing ovation?
  • Improvised jazz musicians at Allen. Good for the soul.
  • Improvised comedy at the Union. Good for the brain.
  • Loitering. I am not saying it was a good idea or that I would do it again, but I’ve had some great times resulting from just loitering this month. A beautiful lazy Saturday on the quad was my favorite day I’ve had at this school.quad
  • Sir Buttons Gatsby Gonzalez I. Try not to love him. I DARE YOU.
  • Vine & Snapchat are my new terrible vices.
  • Opening night reception at Krannert. Fun times, y’all.

what I wish I was into:

  • Legitimate video editing. It takes way too much time and effort on a PC to do it well.
  • Downsizing. I don’t know what to take to my internship this summer, what to leave here, and what to take home. It’s too much to figure out. I have too much stuff that I’m emotionally attached to.
  • Never having chipped nail polish.
  • Using an umbrella. I always convince myself I won’t want it. But I do.
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