no limits, no boundaries, no compromise.

My beautiful wonderful readers who endure all things will be happy to know that we are almost through with the month of feels. I’ve got some really fun posts mapped out now that all the goodbyes have been said and everyone has dispersed. 


I recently did this:


slept, saw my oldest friend, played “where are they now?”, and then did one of these:


I can’t even tell you how much YOLO was embodied in the 2.5 days I spent at Baylor. No limits, no boundaries, no compromise.*  Baylor is where I first took the lyrics of the new kids Ke$ha and Katy Perry to heart and that’s how I said goodbye to it.

Night one we watched The Office series finale (which was perfect), cried a little, made some kebobs (shoutout to Garf), and then we upheld one of the oldest, most sacred traditions of esteemed universities: breaking into a hot tub. Although it was pretty dang cold, it was also the first of maybe half a dozen that we tried for so we sat in it and LIKED IT GOSH DARN IT. I still can’t get that sweet, forbidden chlorine out of my random blonde streak. 

Night two we went to maybe the most hipster location I’ve ever been. Smoking menthol cigarettes out of an attic window is something everyone must try at this age. I think the great thing about hipsters and hippies is how passionately they choose to not care about some things and how passionately they care about other things. It’s much more deliberate than they’d lead you to believe.

Legmelle was sadly not able to attend this party, but even boring old Armelle is always up for anything. That, and my friend being very drunk, resulted in some truly inspired brainstorming as to what to do the rest of the night. Do you ever have those moments where as soon as you put words in the air, you know that you’ve just heard exactly how the story is supposed to go? That happened with my first suggestion. This happened in the 5 feet between the house and my car. We needed to twerk on various Baylor landmarks. It was right.

My iPad is holding the resulting video hostage but hopefully I’ll be able to release it soon. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. That friend…let’s call her Eli. Eli is truly just an artist when it comes to the art of dance. There are many circumstances surrounding the video that make it probably much funnier to me than to anyone else. The previous owner of the skirt. The running from the po-po. The creative parking. The pee breaks. It was one of those nights I never want to forget.

The next morning came, and with it, Baylor graduation. Three of the major players in my life were saying goodbye to Waco. It was wonderful to cheer for my comfort, my ex-husband, and my dearest friend as they grabbed and shook. One of them was my first kiss**. One of them saved my life. One of them held my hand through it all. I can never repay these people for the patience they’ve shown me, but lord knows they had to deal with me throwing my love for them down their throats for a couple of years.

Saying goodbye to Jessi and Zach wasn’t too hard because I know in my heart that I will see them again soon. I don’t know that Zach can resist the call of Krannert when Audra, Shoshana, Natalie, and Eden will all be a 3 hour drive away anyway. Jessi’s sticking closer to home so the only challenge will be convincing my mom to let me spend time in Texas in a place other than Hideaway.

The Pro, like all pros, has earned her accolades and is moving on, never to return. In the past I’ve been heartbroken over leaving her, but in my old (ha!) age, I now understand how this plays out within the constricts of reality. Time with Ms. Chaska is some of the most precious time I’ve ever spent. Some of my favorite memories belong to her. But trying to maintain a friendship with her is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. No matter how beautiful, impactful, and altogether just special HPro is, she’s not someone you can take with you. The hardest part about this goodbye was not that it was a sad one, or even that it was a permanent one. It was that I somehow expected something more than a hug, a few criticisms, a “well I guess I’ll see you someday”, and an “I love you” with a turned back. The hardest part is that it was still my Chaska, untouched, unchanged, and just as ready to leave as the day I met her.

Well, after delivering the last of The Letters and going through several emotions in Eli’s bed with Zach, I drove home. I got home around 10 PM and started the drive to the airport at 5 AM. 


I’d love to discuss with you what happened while I was in Mexico but alas, this is not the space for it. I will say, though, that if I had a centavo for every time I was told that “Sara Maria Gonzalez is a good Mexican name” or was asked if I could speak Spanish just based off my name, I could probably buy Mexico.

And tomorrow I fly to Connecticut.


I have no idea what to expect because my head is still spinning from the last few weeks of travel. All I ask of my time in that state is that I fall in love, confirm a best friendship, win a Broadway lottery, a real lottery, bang Zefron, and meet all my favorite celebrities of all mediums. You have to keep your expectations low to maximize hindsight satisfaction.

While I sleep, please go renew your Netflix or sign up for the free trial. When the new season of Arrested Development comes out, we’ll have a lot to discuss. Good night, fair reader.



*The Wild Party references will never end.

**First physical kiss, y’all. It only counts as an amusing anecdote and testament to the level of comfort there.

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