checking in, please.

I started a blog post about a month ago, during The Way You Wear Your Hat, our Gershwin revue. I was excited about this weird adult camp. I wanted to share what a good time I was having. I wanted to share the alternate lyrics I made up for Gershwin classics. I wish I would have posted it. So much has gone on since then.

I’m going to try to not go into too much detail because I’m right in the thick of it. But stuff has gone down.

I met some crazy cool people who are doing what I want to do at that age.

I met some crazy cool people who are in the same place as I am.

I figured out what I want from my career, from myself, and for my heart.

I spent time with an incredible person in my manifested dream (separate post to come).

I spent time with some human caricatures of temptation that taught me about myself in a way that I can never question.

And it’s only halfway over.

I told everyone at UIUC that we wouldn’t be the same when we returned. I know that’s true of at least me. For as much as I learned about who I already was, I definitely changed in the process. Heck, I even changed my last name.

I intend to post about my magical trip to NYC in the future, along with vague, nameless accounts of the parties I’ve thrown at The Frat Palace where I live.

Before you get too bored with the idea of continuing to read this lovely world wide weblog, I’ll promise you that a post is coming very soon regarding my beloved Cheetah Girls. You’re welcome.

Now I’d better stop typing because Legmelle is on the way over. Deuces.

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