higher up and further in.

Well here we are again. The summer’s over and you’re (back) where you’ve chosen to advance your life. For some of you, it’s your apartment with your best friend. For some of you, it’s your apartment with your new spouse. For all of us, it’s where we think something great’s going to happen. You’re going to get your degree or get a huge step toward your dream job or maybe you’re where you’ll fall in love. No one is where they are because the just want to maintain. We all want something better.  To quote the last Narnia book, “higher up and further in!”

As some of you know, I had quite the summer. I’ve been asked a few times why I didn’t keep up with my blog over the summer.  A few months ago, I had a decent-sized following including members of every continent but one. If some of y’all are still reading, thank you! If not, I’m not devastated. I lived a lot of life this summer and I haven’t had time to even try to understand everything that went on. Those posts will come eventually, but I need to wrap my head around it first.

I had quite the time getting back to school. I had negative four days to return but because of stupid things like the realm of possibility, that didn’t happen. I got out of my mom’s car and up the steps of Krannert and suddenly, I had made it. I was here. I am here. I envisioned my return being something like this:

But it ended up being much more like this:

I mean. I ain’t mad.

I’m feeling better about this year than any year previous. My heart hurts to be back in The City but all that rot about blooming where you’re planted has some truth to it. At the very least, I got to meet one of my heroes, Susan Blackwell, yesterday. I’ve been telling people for a long time that if I could be the heir to Side by Side by Susan Blackwell, I’d quit stage management and just do that. It’s too wonderful.

Susan, as it turns out, is an incredible gift to the world even outside her wit. She’s inspiring and remarkably generous with her time, energy, and experience. Her stories are veritably affecting. Susan is one of those people who you’d be smart to pay attention to. You can gain something from virtually everything she says, even if what you gain is a laugh.

The rest of the team of Now. Here. This./[title of show] was equally brilliant and helpful. I was furiously taking notes during a discussion with them because so much gold was given. I really feel like I was given a gift getting to see their presentation of N.H.T. and getting to hear them talk the next day. And it’s a gift I’ll keep close by.

My life right now is so relaxed that I’m getting nervous about it. I’m doing the projects I never thought I’d have time for. I’m getting time to enjoy the sky. I don’t remember the last time I got to admire how many blues are in the sky or those days when you can’t see the sun but can see the bright edges behind the too-white clouds.  My mom’s been insisting I re-read Anne of Green Gables because she swears I’m Anne. I bought a copy because I think I might actually have time to read it now. Things will pick up soon, but I’m so glad I have a moment to breathe. I’ve missed air.

All the blog posts you’ve been waiting for are on their way- The Cheetah Girls post, the royal baby post, the post discussing the drastic cast changes on SNL, and of course the story of seeing my beloved Pippin (twice!). Stick with me, kiddies. It’s gonna be a fun one.

I leave you with this, my favorite episode of Side by Side by Susan Blackwell. Susan said yesterday that licking Sutton Foster’s face was like licking a daisy.  Someone get me that job.

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