finally, finally: the albums.

If you’ve spoken to me in the last few months, you’re aware of my deep-seated love for Ariana Grande and Tamar Braxton. Ariana’s album has come as soon as her age and career have permitted, but poor Tamar has had to wait about 10 years to get hers realized. Both Ari’s Yours Truly and TayTay’s Love and War came out about an hour ago and thanks to the power of pre-order and having bought all the singles already, I can tell you about them!

yours truly

I’ve always been a fan of Ariana’s voice for three reasons: the power, the calculated breathiness, and those mothalickin’ whistle tones. She’s got some Mariah in her. If you’ve had the fortune of being in a bar with Ninos and I, you’ve heard The Way or some snippet of it in between trying to figure out if we really dance like we do.. You know, that platinum certified single that made Ariana the first female artist to make a top 10 arrival for her first Hot 100 appearance since Yael Naim 2008? Just watch the video.

On the rest of her album, Ariana gives us some of that sweet, sweet throwback R&B the world needs right now. My favorites are the other singles (Baby I and Right There), Lovin’ It, Better Left Unsaid, and Piano. There obviously aren’t music videos for all of them yet, but here’s the audio of Piano:

And here’s Ariana doing Baby I AND The Way live and perfect at the VMAs while Miley was desecrating our generation’s musical footprint:

Don’t give up on us, history. We have our moments.

love and warTamar’s album also features some throwback, but more in the vein of Marvin Gaye. Most of her tracks are just straight up baby-making music. She also blessed us with a very, very throwback-y single titled The One. This almost could have been released in the early 90s. I love groovin’ to it in a car or more realistically, walking to class. The video is whatever, but you need the song.

Now my other pick from Love and War, other than the title track, is one that I heard many moons ago on the reality show I fell in love with her on, Braxton Family Values. Then the audio was randomly put on Vevo in December. It’s titled Hot Sugar and if it comes on in the club, people will start doing things that lead to pregnancy. Prepare yourselves for the second baby boom.

I’m sorry if you are going to want me to be excited about any other music in the next week. It’s just not gonna happen.

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