questions from last night.

There will be times in life when you get home around 3ish and go to sleep at 6:30. When you wake up and actually decide to stay awake, you will have questions. These are mine from this “morning”.

  • Why did I check on so many people at 3 in the morning? What on earth could I possibly have done for them?
  • Where did these bruises come from?
  • I did NOT need to be texting him at 4 in the morning…
  • The saga of my hair yesterday was a formidable one. I tried to go 90s, but it went 80s then I tried to bring it back a little. This morning, however, my hair could not be limited to any decade. It was doing things Tim Burton would have been confused by. I’m just gonna put it in a ponytail and try to forget the horrors I’ve seen.
  • Glow in the dark nail polish looks really awful in the light.
  • Wait, is it where did these bruises come from or who did these bruises come from?
  • Why do I suddenly know most of the words to “Prima Donna” by Christina Aguilera? I never heard that song before last night.
  • Why are my collarbone muscles sore? What are those called? No wait, I told myself I’d never use high school science. I choose to not care what the answer is.
  • Why didn’t my alarm go off? I remember setting one.
  • Did ___________ happen to me or was someone telling me about that last night?
  • WHOA WAIT WHAT ENDED UP HAPPENING TO ___________?! (followed by a scramble to text _______)
  • Wait, I texted _______, too?! Why isn’t the app Charlie invented on Girls a thing yet.
  • It isn’t who. I would have remembered if this was a human-made bruise. I think. I hope. I probably just ran into something or did something too amazing to not have a price.

It was quite a night, and the pieces that are coming back to me are more than I could have asked from just another Saturday outing. I got done everything I needed to get done at that party and cannot express what wonderful surprises I got. There are so many variables with people that you could never possibly take all of them into account. I look forward to all the obligatory debriefings…

So close.

So close.

For the record, I found out that last night I made a calendar event called “Alarm” instead of setting a real alarm. I find it weirdly adorable.

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