on the 10th anniversary of wicked.

10 years! With tonight’s (4457th) performance, Wicked will become one of eleven productions to have played on Broadway for 10 years. Wicked was my very first love in the world of musical theatre and I’ll always have a soft spot for it. It warms my heart to know it’s still there, and though I haven’t seen it in New York yet, I know it’s waiting for me.  About 7.5 million people have seen it there already, and the resulting $778,114,613 that’s made as of last week guarantees that I’ll get my chance to see my beloved before it closes.

My love affair with Wicked started when I was 14, unfortunate, awkward, unpopular, and at band camp. Long story short, the teacher played “Popular” for us and the first day I was back from camp I bought the CD. I discovered this whole world of Playbills and cast recordings and internet message boards. I found out that Broadway wasn’t just tap dancing with canes to 40s music (though I’ve since fallen in love with that too). I found what I was doing for the rest of my life thousands of miles away from it with no one who knew what I was talking about.

I’ve met dozens of people since then who know it too and have had many, many discussions of the best Elphabas and Glindas. I saw it in Chicago on a band field trip and cried just at how beautiful the theatre was before the show even started. There’s something about Wicked that just really clicked with me, and I’m so grateful it could be my door to my passion for musical theatre. If I hadn’t heard “Popular” back in July 2006, who knows where I would be today.

So happy anniversary, Wicked. My heart is with you in Oz today.

To close us out, here’s Kristin Chenoweth’s Popular from her last show, when she added her own section. Clearly the best Popular of all time.




photo (5)

(From left to right)
First row:
1) Since I couldn’t go to Wicked anytime soon when I got into it, I ordered a Playbill from the Broadway production on eBay.
2) I finally saw Wicked the next year in Dallas with my mom and brother.
3) Band field trip to Chicago.
4) 5 year anniversary edition from the Playbill Store.

Bottom row:
1) My well-loved copy of The Grimmerie that’s now 7 years old.
2) 2004 Broadway Playbill signed by Stephen Schwartz.
3) Signed copy of Stephen Schwartz’s biography.

Not pictured are the ticket stubs, the pop up book, piano/vocal selections, Wicked Chicago t-shirt, friendship bracelets, Original Cast Recording, 5th Anniversary Cast Recording, 10th Anniversary Cast Recording, window card, and countless bootleg video and audio recordings. I’m sure there’s other stuff, too, but there’s just a lot.

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One thought on “on the 10th anniversary of wicked.

  1. I would actually like to win this prize pack for myself. I don’t have an electric toothbrush and would love to try one!
    indoor flea market

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