sophomore year.

This year has contained the most rapid growth I’ve ever experienced. I found myself through finding what I believe. I found what I believe by having to fight for it. Growing pains abounded. But now I know.

I believe in standing coffee dates.
I believe in apologizing immediately.
I believe in holding hands as we trudge through the snow.
I believe in having peripheral vision for others’ needs.
I believe in being blunt about the present.
I believe in asking to hang out with new people out of the blue.
I believe love is worth everything.
I believe souls are eternal and mine is friends with Whitney Houston’s.
I believe in asking for help.
I believe in lifelong curiosity.
I believe nurturing is also an investment.
I believe love doesn’t stop when the relationship does.
I believe in being able to be happy for others.
I believe in growing alongside others.
I believe in being mushy when the impulse is there.
I believe in asking for what I want.
I believe in working for what I want that’s in my control.
I believe being an introvert isn’t better or worse than being an extrovert.
I believe I am worth loving.
I believe in patience.
I believe in letting people go when they need it.
I believe in being there when they come back.
I believe in acceptance.
I believe in personality differences.
I believe in hoping.
I believe in love languages.
I believe in handwritten letters.
I believe in progress.
I believe in forever.

Above all things, I believe in being fully devoted to love. Romantic, familial, and between friends. Nothing else can deeply stir my soul.

I wouldn’t have found the depth and breadth of love I’m capable of if it hadn’t been put to the test. I now know for a fact I am capable of unconditional love. And that’s who I am.

I am someone who loves and is loved.

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

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