term paper.

Why is this so hard to write. I’m a writer. I write. This is a thing to be written. But I can’t write it. Why.

And now, a by no means comprehensive list of everything I’ve done rather than write my theatre history term paper:

  1. Drank coffee to be awake for writing then fell asleep
  2. Other sleep things
  3. Curated playlists
  4. Laid down a track in Garageband
  5. Memorized the lyrics to Santa Tell Me, which is clearly the holiday hit of the season.
  6. Deactivated Facebook
  7. Reactivated Facebook to ask for help
  8. Watched Dancing with the Stars with my mom
  9. Got my mom hooked on Scandal
  10. Took a break from the two paragraphs I’d slaved over to go buy pants at JCP on Thanksgiving
  11. Looked up books that could help me if the library wasn’t closed
  12. Tried to convince my mom that she cannot help me write this. It’s not like I’m making a paper-mache volcano, Mom.
  13. Watched balloons be useless while people screamed at them on TV
  14. Experienced my umpteenth Nick Jonas-induced sexual awakening
  15. Taught myself some more piano
  16. Ran away to a forest to soak in the fall trees and sun
  17. Cried along with Selena Gomez
  18. Snapchat. Just. A lot of Snapchat.
  20. This blog post.

If I don’t graduate and end up homeless, you now know why.

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